Removing bad incontinence odours drastically improves the total experience of living, working in and visiting your institute




Allows you to roll with ease until the container and throw away the watste ergonomically


Removes the unpleasant odours thus providing a cozy environment in your nursing home


Supporting your procedures to further improve hygiene levels


Fast and easy to handle as it works like your personal assistant 


The concept and the selected wheels ensure a silent operation, a clear advantage for the night shift, ensuring a good night sleep to the residents 

An unmatched efficient hygienic odour control thanks to its patented closed system that confines odour from bed to central waste container, and the regular delivery of consumables


Key benefits for all 




Residents &  Visitors 

Time to interact with residents

Improved working environment

Ergonomic handling 

Peace of mind

Odourless solution


Hygienic environment 

Meaningful relations

Feeling of being at home

Improved quality of life

Preferred Selection

A Compact bin with consumables


75 litres

hygiene bag.png.jpg

Hygiene Bags


Silicone Gel

top part.png.jpg

Top Part 

Agency 4.png

Waste Bag


How it works?

"We notice a big improvement in odor and hygiene highly appreciated by residents, families and staff. Ontex delivers smooth follow up and gives additional training when needed. A big advantage is you can take the Odobin collector up to the bed of the resident, combined with the hygiene bags, you gain time and improve the hygiene. Everybody is enthusiastic about Odobin” 

Sofie, Prevention Advisor Nurse, Nursing Home with 87 beds, Belgium 


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